Pranav 2k21 is a national-level technical event held annually in order to bring the latest technological advances in diverse fields to everyone's attention through various events. Every year the symposium is conducted based on a particular theme symbolizing the aspects that define our stream. Our Pranav provides a platform for aspiring students to get exposure through competitions like project  presentation, paper presentation, coding contests and many more.

Theme and logo

'Aviation is proof that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.'

 - Edward Vernon Rickenbacker


Electronics plays a prominent role in aviation. Considering these, Pranav handpicks ‘AVIONICS’ as the theme in order to symbolize our thirst to soar high up and make all the impossibilities possible!

They signify the parts of the journey through life and realizing the mission of our emotional state of mind.

logo imp_2.png

Pegasus is the symbolism of  Legend and Lore. Wild and free, a breathtaking beauty, the meaning of the pegasus represents attaining ultimate freedom, with no boundaries of time and space and he becomes a symbol for virtue and creative inspiration. It is a sign to go beyond your perceived limitations, to connect to your innermost dreams and it represents living life at our highest vibration where the doors of possibility are flung wide open. The will of Pegasus burns in all of msecians hearts and souls. We students and staff coordinators of Msec are living breathing analogy to a Pegasus free to learn and grow in any possible way, free of any discrimination. We are proud to say that our college would fly across mountains and oceans for the well beings of the students.



Electronics and Communication Students Association (ELECSA) was formed in 2005, and is responsible for organizing seminars, guest lectures, symposium and other events related to ECE.


Kaakkum Karangal Trust

In spreading the happiness to all and in setting the light in everyone’s life for being dignitary of our moral sense we have opt to assists “KAAKKUM KARANGAL” as the virtuous cause for our symposium.

Kaakkum Karangal is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit; institution established in February 1992 with the aim of providing home for the homeless.

It is a heaven for the old aged forsaken destitute and orphaned children. Presently, there are six homes housing 250 old aged citizens and 150 schools going children and 10 spastic and infants, all are orphaned children. Mostly they have inmates who are just one year old to those who are 90.

To brace this virtuous cause, we student populace humbly appeal the corporate sector, private firms and the public to aid us to achieve our endeavor.



We Are One